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MBA, Chairman, Instant NanoBiosensors

Tony Chung, with a 23-year tenure in biotech, specializes in life sciences, clinical research, and molecular diagnosis. He led the sole agency for key brands like PerkinElmer and Illumina (2001-2016). Chung's significant achievement in 2020 was the global patent strategy for the IN-CHIP pumpless microfluidic chip. His work was globally recognized when Germany's Merck selected his biosensor as the top global choice from 500 teams, a unique honor for an Asian team. Chung has managed over ten multinational projects, including the notable Eureka Globalstars RD initiative. His research is particularly distinguished in early disease diagnosis, with a focus on Alzheimer's blood testing,This blend of leadership and innovation underscores Chung's impactful contributions to biotechnology.

FOPPR: From Antibody Analysis to Enhanced Alzheimer's Blood Testing
FOPPR: Uniting Characterization Analysis and Ultra-Sensitive Detection in Alzheimer's Blood Testing" spotlights FOPPR technology's dual strengths. It integrates the analysis and selection of post-translational modification antibodies with the capability to detect fgml level biomarkers in blood. This approach significantly enhances Alzheimer's diagnostics, providing unparalleled precision and sensitivity, and establishing new standards in precision healthcare.

Clinical Dx Showcase:
Instant NanoBiosensors

We developed light sensing biomarker analyzer/ reader. It utilizes patented Fiber Optic Particle Plasmon Resonance (FOPPR) and IN-Chip (auto-flowing microfluidic chip) technology for the life science research and IVD markets, enabling measurement of biomarkers. It offers instant and accurate results for a variety of applications.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2024 Silicon Valley

Showcase Track S2 - January 24 9.30 A.M.-1.45 P.M.,Showcase Track S2 - January 25 9.00 A.M.-4.15 P.M.,Showcase Track S2 - January 26 9.00 A.M.-2.45 P.M.

The PMWC 2024 Data Applications in Clinical Diagnostics Showcase will provide a 15-minute time slot for selected organizations, including commercial companies, clinical testing labs, and medical research institutions, to present their latest advancements, insights, applications, and technologies to an audience of clinicians, leading investigators, academic institutions, pharma and biotech, investors, and potential clients. We will learn about new technologies and findings that promise expedited, cost-effective, and accurate clinical diagnosis for early disease detection, treatment decisions, and disease prevention.

  • Clinical Dx/Oncology (including Liquid Biopsy)
  • Clinical Dx/Cardio Vascular
  • Clinical Dx/Neurodegenerative


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