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PhD, Director & Distinguished Scientist, Computational Biology & Translation, Genentech

Computational biologist, leading a portfolio of cancer immunogenomics in the Computational Sciences organization at Genentech. Leads a team of scientists working on cancer immunotherapy approaches targeting a range of tumor antigens, from neoantigens to tumor associated antigens, using cancer vaccination or cell therapy approaches. Before joining Genentech, Suchit worked on chromatin structure and regulation of B cell development at University of California San Diego. At Genentech, Suchit initially worked on cancer genomes, understanding the landscape of mutations and viral integration in hepatocellular carcinoma. His cancer genomics work eventually led to his role in studying neoantigens in mouse tumor models together with Lelia Delamarre and Ira Mellman. His current focus is on developing machine learning approaches to study peptideMHCTCR interactions, understanding and targeting transposable elements and other noncanonical antigens in cancer, and development of computational approaches to tackle cancer immunogenomics problems.

Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy Using Computational Biology AI
Personalized cancer immunotherapy targets individual tumorspecific antigens, utilizing bioinformatics and machine learning approaches. This customizable treatment direction actively targets antigens that can be unique to each patient's tumor, using personalized targets as well as personalized therapeutics. Highthroughput technologies hav enabled development of AI approaches actively used in this field.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2024 Silicon Valley

Track 1 - January 25 9.00 A.M.-4.30 P.M.

Track Chair: Sharon Benzeno, Adaptive Biotechnologies

  • PMWC 2024 Award Ceremony
    Pioneer Honoree: Stanley Riddell, Fred Hutchinson
    Pioneer Honoree: George Coukos, Ludwig Cancer Center
  • Keynote: Engineering Synthetic T Cell States for Cancer Rejection
    - George Coukos, Ludwig Cancer Center
  • Discovery of Novel Targets in Cell Therapies in Oncology and Autoimmune Disorders (PANEL)
    Chair: Harlan Robins, Adaptive Bio
    - Stanley Riddell, Fred Hutchinson
    - Allison Betof Warner, Stanford
    - Lawrence Fong, UCSF
  • Supply Chain 2.0 Getting Cell Therapies to Patients (PANEL)
    Chair: Jean Xu, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
    - Amanda Pace, Sonoma Bio
    - Laura Deschenes, Sana Biotechnology
  • Evolving Case Law and Practical Strategies for Immunotherapy Patents
    - Janet Xiao, Morrison & Foerster LLP
  • Emerging Clinical Data in Oncology Cell Therapeutics
    Chair: Andrew Allen, Gritstone bio, Inc.
    - Robert Meehan, Moderna
  • Scientific Advancements in Individualized Cell Therapies in Oncology ( PANEL)
    Chair: Sharon Benzeno, Adaptive Biotechnologies
    - Ira Mellman, Genenetch
    - Robert Meehan, Moderna
    - Dirk Nagorsen, Affini-T Therapeutics
  • AI-Enhanced Approaches in Cell Therapy Development
    Chair: Suchit Jhunjhunwala, Genentech
    - Brian Weitzner, Outpace Bio
  • PMWC Showcase
    - Arun Wiita, UCSF


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