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PhD, Professor, Genetics and Genomic Sciences Director, ISMMS

Dr. Robert Sebra is the founding Director of the Center for Advanced Genomics Technology (CAGT) which is focused on accelerating innovation and commercial platform application to ensure that the scientific and medical communities have access to a broad toolbox to enable technology driven omics research. Dr. Sebra has built a unique technology development program that focuses on cutting edge single molecule, bulk, single cell, and spatial multi omics molecular and analytical methods development for community application and datasets for translational science and medicine research with over 200 publications and patents, to date. His research program focuses on applying these technologies to study development, tumor progression, and infectious disease to better characterize health and disease progression. Recent research interests include discovery of biomarkers of tumor initiation, novel gene discovery in human preimplantation development, and engineering of accelerated AI foundation models to facilitate cellular and gene expression signatures of disease.

Improving Transcriptomics Data Interpretability Via Single-Cell Informed Machine Learning
This talk will cover the integration of single-cell data from 1500 studies via Unicell Deconvolve. Well delve into the future implications of single-cell and spatial data, presenting a universal model applicable to all human systems. The focus centers on interpretable machine learning approaches to reveal cellular and transcriptional signatures affecting patient outcomes.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2024 Silicon Valley

Track 4 - January 26 9.00 A.M.-4.00 P.M.

Track Chair: Stacey Gabriel, Broad Institute and Steve Turner, PacBio

  • New Frontiers in Genomic Analysis & Interpretation
    - Robert Sebra, ISMMS
    - Anshul Kundaje, Stanford
    - Chaz Langelier, UCSF
    - Orly Alter, Prism AI Inc
  • From Potential to Reality: Bringing Nanopore Sequencing to Clinical Practice (PANEL)
    Chair: Emma Stanton, Oxford Nanopore Tech - Charles Chiu, UCSF
    - Billy Tsz Cheong Lau, Stanford
  • Population Sequencing at Scale: Impact and Future Path of Genomic Programs (PANEL)
    Chair: Stacey Gabriel, Broad Institute
    - Heidi Rehm, MGH
    - Cindy Lawley, Olink
    - John M. Gaziano, Million Veterans Program (MVP)
  • New Frontiers in Genomic Analysis & Interpretation continues: AI in Spatial Transcriptomics in Patient Response
    - David. W. Craig, City of Hope Cancer Center
    - Premal Shah, MyOme
  • The Economic Perspective on Genomics (PANEL)
    Chair: Bill Hyun, UCSF
    - Steve Turner, PacBio
    - Alex de Winter, Danaher Ventures
    - Kandaswamy (Swamy) Vijayan, Zafrens
  • Using AI for Scalable Phenotyping and Discovery
    - Andrew Carroll, Google
  • Building Bridges: Precision Medicine Communities
    - Kumar Prashant, Karkinos
  • NCI Showcase
    - Xiaofeng Xie, MicrOmics Technologies


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