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PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, DarwinHealth

Mariano Alvarez is the Chief Scientific Officer of DarwinHealth Inc, a precision-focused cancer medicine company, where he leads a team of talented researchers intended to find the best therapeutic option for every cancer patient. His interest is dissecting and pharmacologically targeting the regulatory mechanisms controlling each cell's transcriptional identity--i.e. the cell phenotypic state. At DarwinHealth, he is focused at identifying drugs able to decommission the regulatory module controlling the tumor cell state of every cancer patient, as well as drugs able to reprogram the immune-suppressive state of normal cells in the tumor microenvironment. Prior to Joining DarwinHealth, he was a PhD fellow at the University of Buenos Aires, Post-Doc trainee at Dr. Califano's Lab at Columbia University, and Research Scientist in the Department of Systems Biology at Columbia University.

Targeting the Master Regulators of Tumor and Microenvironment Cells
A small set of proteins, termed Master Regulators, form highly inter-regulated modules (Regulatory Checkpoints) that act as a molecular switch controlling the transcriptional identity (phenotypic state) of every single cell. In this presentation I will show how to systematically identify and pharmacologically target such regulatory checkpoints, leading to tumor cells demise and normal cells reprogramming.

Pharmacogenomics Showcase:

DarwinHealt is a precision-focused cancer medicine company that has developed, owns, and utilizes proprietary algorithms and methodologies to match every individual cancer patient with the drugs optimally suited to produce successful treatment outcomes.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2024 Silicon Valley

Showcase Track S1 - January 25 9.15 A.M.-2.30 P.M.,Showcase Track S1 - January 26 9.45 A.M.-1.45 P.M.

The PMWC 2024 PGx Showcase will provide 15 minute speaking opportunities for selected companies working with the latest technologies in precision medicine to highlight their contributions to the field.


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