We are now more than a decade into precision oncology medicine. While we could demonstrate success, we are still struggling with not curing enough patients from devastating cancers. There are many advanced tools at our fingertips, including targeted agents, yet the most promising set of drugs now being developed are antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) which, unlike conventional chemotherapy treatments, hold the promise to deliver a potent cytotoxic agent to tumor cells with minimal damage to normal cells. The most successful application for solid tumors has been in breast cancer, with ADCs becoming the standard of care across traditional human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)+, hormone receptor+ (HR+) and triple-negative disease subtypes. While there are still many challenges to overcome, including unique toxicities which requires careful monitoring of patients and continuous education of mitigation strategies, ADCs have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of solid tumors.

Another factor impacting the advancement of precision oncology medicine are the suboptimal structures of clinical trials. In a recent interview with Razelle Kurzrock M.D., FACP, Center Associate Director, Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin, and PMWC January 24-26, 2024 Silicon Valley (Program) Track Chair of ‘Dx and Molecular Profiling in the Clinic’ we learned about the importance of the n-of-1 trials’ approach and how it is implemented at her clinic: “The patient comes into the clinic, gets the tumor fully typed with genomics, transcriptomics, immunomics right up front as reflex testing, and based on the findings we craft an individualized therapy. The ultimate precision medicine in oncology is an n-of-1 trial, and the ultimate n-of-1 trial is with a newly diagnosed patient. N-of-1 trials in which we individualize therapy for each patient, treat right at diagnosis in early-stage disease, and in the neoadjuvant setting will be the next generation paradigm of precision oncology therapy.”

An appropriate place to start using the n-of-1 trial approach is with patients whose chance for a cure is limited and where the surgical alternative would be highly debilitating. For these patients it is imperative to try something different to reach a cure and preserve their quality of life.

We are very excited about the lineup of speakers and contributors at the upcoming Precision Medicine World Conference PMWC Jan. 24-26, 2024 Silicon Valley, where we will focus on topics such as ADCs, n-of-1 trials, targeting cancer stem cells, and beyond.

Dx & Molecular Profiling Track / Oncology Applications Track includes the following sessions:
❖ We will honor Catriona Jamieson (UCSD Health) with the PMWC Luminary Award for her role in advancing innovative patient therapies with the development of the JAK inhibitor, fedratinib
❖ Targeting Cancer Stem Cells in Precision Oncology – a talk by Catriona Jamieson (UCSD Health)
❖ Revolutionizing Clinical Trials: Precision Oncology and Novel Trial Designs – a panel chaired by Razelle Kurzrock (MCW) with Vivek Subbiah (SCRI), Andrea Cercek (Memorial Sloan Kettering), Ben George (MCW), and Patricia LoRusso (Yale)
❖ Transcriptomics in Precision Oncology: Opportunities and Limitations – panel chaired by Razelle Kurzrock (MCW), with Charles Perou (University of North Carolina), Eytan Ruppin (NIH), Bruce Quinn (Bruce Quinn Assoc LLC), and Andrea Califano (Columbia University)
❖ Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs): Tracing the Evolution and Forecasting the Future – a panel chaired by Adrian Lee (UPMC), Sandhya Girish (Gilead), Neelima Denduluri (AZ), and Hope S. Rugo (UCSF)
❖ PMWC Showcase
● Michael Milburn (Genecentric Tx)
● Matthew Goldberg (Castle Bio)
● Nick Reder (Alpenglow Bio)
● Amrie Grammer (Ampel Biosolutions)

Secure Your Spot Now, before the January 24-26 ticket sale ends Thursday.

I am look forward to delving into this track alongside you, and I’m equally excited about the content in the other 11 main tracks, providing you with the flexibility to seamlessly transition between them.

Best regards,
Tal Behar

President & Co-founder, PMWC
PMWC 2024 Silicon Valley – January 24-26, 2024

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