The extent of genomic information utilization in medical practice is strongly linked to the advances in genomic technologies and sciences. More specifically, recent progress in genomic/genetic screening technologies has made such application an essential tool in clinical practice and for disease research, especially for cancer genomics. While we also see a rise in their use in reproductive health and CVD diagnosis, the clinical utility of genomic information for multifactorial diseases still lacks enough predictive power and scientific backing. It is undisputed that these technologies allow fast and reliable testing of genetic material, making it feasible to rapidly evaluate different genetic conditions, thus guiding clinicians in selecting the most appropriate disease prevention and treatment plans. However, high costs and technology limitations still remain the main barriers for the greater omics-based implementation of personalized medicine.

While single gene testing is almost becoming routine in the clinic, whole exome and genome sequencing still face significant hurdles on the path towards wider use in mainstream medical practice. Major challenges include results reproducibility, reporting standards, and affordability. To date, many have been developed and are ready to be deployed once those challenges are overcome, including diagnostic testing, pre-symptomatic and predictive testing, carrier testing, pharmacogenetics, prenatal testing, newborn screening, preimplantation testing, forensic testing, and companion diagnostics.

Both, the exciting advancements as well as the impeding barriers and challenges (including cost, reimbursement, scaling analysis and genetic counseling) are thoroughly reviewed and debated in the various talks and discussion rounds of our Genetic Testing Applications Track at PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley, taking place this summer, June 28-30. Come join key opinion leaders and learn from the experts in the field to obtain a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the status and expected near-term progress in this exciting and promising area of research and medical practice.

Genetic Testing Applications Track 4, June 29 – chaired by Ed Esplin (Invitae):
An Introduction to Genetic Testing Applications with Ed Esplin (Invitae)
The Path to Universal Newborn Sequencing and Disease Prevention with Robert Green (Harvard Medical School)
Sharing Insights on Reimbursement with Ashley Arthur (GeneDx)
Evolving Paradigms in Genetic Testing Initiated by Consumers with Paldeep Atwal (PWN Health) and Steven Bleyl (Genome Medical)
Lessons Learned from Virtual Genetic Counseling with Peter Hulick (NorthShore University HealthSystem)
Models of Successful Precision Medicine through Biopharma Ventures in Rare Disease with Daniel Anderson (Invitae)
Pairing Somatic Cancer Testing with Germline Testing with Ed Esplin (Invitae)
Scalable Approaches to Relaying Genomics Information to Clinicians and their Patients with Cassie Hajek (Sanford Imagenetics) and Steven Bleyl (Genome Medical)

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Tal Behar
Co-founder & President, PMWC
Precision Medicine World Conference – June 28-30, 2022 Silicon Valley


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