PMWC January 25-27, 2023’s Conference theme, “COVID-19 Learnings for Precision Medicine: Collaboration = Breakthroughs“, is a call to action for all researchers, healthcare professionals, commercial and government representatives, to come together and – inspired and empowered by the learnings and successes related to us having faced the COVID-19 pandemic – take ownership and continue the wave of collaborations with the declared goal of converting the knowledge and insights into driving continued breakthroughs in Precision Medicine.

The PMWC team has created an exciting 3-Day program that focuses on many of the Precision Medicine related aspects that need our attention. Each Track will span a full day of the conference and will consist of a dozen sessions and will include key healthcare leaders and honorees from across the span of Precision Medicine. In short, PMWC Silicon Valley 2023 is shaping up to be an event not to be missed. Book your PMWC SV January 25-27 ticket now and save.

As in previous years, the PMWC 2023 program has selected the most critical and timely topics to be included in our conference program:

• Track 1 – Emerging Technologies
Gene & Cell Therapies: Focuses on advancements in patient-driven genetic therapies, biomarker studies, future modalities; the ethical implications of cell and gene therapies, as well as pricing, reimbursement, and commercialization aspects in the context of gene and cell therapies.
Gene-Modified Cell Therapies: Armed with data from technological advances, scientists are exploring novel immune system strategies to treat rare but lethal childhood cancers, common cancers with unmet needs, and many other (non-cancer) diseases.
Pharmacogenomics: Interrogates policy efforts to address efforts to PGx adoption; efforts to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion in PGx implementations; along with insights on economics and reimbursement challenges.
Speaker/chair highlights: Peter Marks (FDA), Dan Roden (Vanderbilt University), Hank Greely (Stanford), Mary Relling (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital), Sara Rogers (Texas A&M), Andrew Lo (MIT), Yael Weiss (Mahzi), Bruce Levine (University of Pennsylvania) and more.

• Track 2 – AI & Data Sciences
AI and Data Science in Clinical Practice: Focuses on how AI and data science can help with preemptive testing determination, and/or establishing genomics as a routine in the clinic; and how we can achieve representation and equity in genomic data use and application.
RWE/RWD: Investigates solutions for overcoming the challenges of lack of universally accepted RWD methodologies; how to improve RWD access and data linkage; offers a dive into clinical studies using RWD; and strategies to develop and adopt RWE by drug discovery authorities.
AI & Data Sciences in Drug Discovery & Clinical Research: Illustrates examples on recently implemented pharma informatics efforts for drug discovery; NLP applications in pharma for content and findings extraction; and the advancements in AI/ML techniques applied to identify novel drug capabilities via augmented drug design.
Speaker/chair highlights: Russ Cucina (UCSF), Ken Harris (Amazon), Peter DeVault (Epic), Suzanne George (Dana Farber Cancer Institute), William Oh (Mount Sinai), Matthew Lungren (Microsoft), Alex Sherman (Harvard University), Maria Kasarides (BMS), Atul Butte (UCSF), Timothy Rebbeck (Harvard University) and more.

• Track 3 – Diagnostics & Molecular Profiling in the Clinic
Oncology Applications: Attempts to shed light on the barriers to overcome to implement precision medicine clinical trials; deciphering prospective and retrospective studies that match targeted drugs with the molecular tumor profile; and the general challenges associated with molecular profiling-based precision medicine.
Women’s Health: Focuses on various women’s health aspects such as chronic diseases, gender differences, fertility issues, reproductive aging, and preimplantation and prenatal genetic testing.
Population Scale Omics: Highlights the recent learnings and advancements of population studies, the framework requirement to expedite translation of genomics into the clinical setting, and how to improve precision medicine in understudied populations, as well as to identify relationships between disparate data sets to monitor and control pathogen outbreaks.
Speaker/chair highlights: Amy Kirby (CDC), Yoel Sadovsky (University of Pittsburgh), Aleksandar Rajkovic (UCSF), Gonçalo Abecasis (Regeneron), Marcia Stefanik (Stanford), Noel Bairey Merz (Cedar Sinai), Khalid Fakhro (Sidra Medicine), Edison Liu (Jackson Labs), Catalina Lopez-Correa (Genome Canada) and more.

• Track 4 – Next Generation Technologies
Sequencing & Tech Applications: Brings into focus the recent sequencing technology advancements, including long-read sequencing and the next generation of sequencing technologies; overcoming sequencing limitations with long-read sequencing and combining long-read with short-read sequencing; and the status quo of moving sequencing into the clinical setting.
Clinical Utility of Liquid Biopsy: Reviews and discusses the recent liquid biopsy advancements; the liquid biopsy challenges and associated limitations to overcome, and liquid biopsy applications for minimal residual disease identification.
Imaging Applications: Highlights the challenges of deploying AI/ML radiology in the clinic by defining the digital pathology value proposition; standardizing and validating different AI-based imaging methodologies; reviewing the regulatory framework; and new AR, VR, 3D medical imaging technologies.
Speaker/chair highlights: Cindy Perettie (Roche), Sean Khozin (CancerLinQ), Charles Chiu (UCSF), Luis Alberto Diaz Jr. (MSK), Razelle Kurzrock (Medical College of Wisconsin), Maximilian Diehn (Stanford), Minetta Liu (Natera), Daniela Ushizima (LBNL) and more.

• Showcase Tracks 1 & 2 (S1 & S2)
o As in previous years, the showcase tracks will cover similar themes to the main program and will be focused on upcoming and developed products and services that complement the precision medicine space.
NEW: The showcases will be held in the main halls alongside the main tracks. See more here:

Please join us on January 25-27 for PMWC 2023 Silicon Valley. We are committed to getting the various stakeholders into one room to touch on the different directions and developments of precision medicine, and harness the collective power of the combined expertise to drive definite positive change to improve health care efficiencies and patient outcome, for the benefit of a healthier world. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this critical dialogue while hearing first-hand from industry-leading experts how recent advances, opportunities, and challenges will shape medicine and healthcare of the future.


Tal Behar
President & Co-founder, PMWC
PMWC 2023 Silicon Valley – January 25-27, 2023


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