Pharmacogenomic (PGx) relies on scientific breakthroughs in our understanding of how a person’s unique molecular and genetic profile influences susceptibility to and progression of certain diseases and predicts which medical treatments will likely be safe and effective, and which ones will not. Consequently, PGx information in those instances has the power to reduce the likelihood of adverse drug reactions while guiding the treating physician towards an optimized therapeutic regimen for the patient. Examples of underlying genetic conditions that affect a person’s response to certain drugs include clopidogrel resistance, thiopurine S-methyltransferase deficiency, Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis, and warfarin sensitivity or resistance, just to name a few. To-date, adverse drug reactions remain a significant cause of hospitalizations and deaths in the United States.

Dr. Julie Johnson, PharmD, Dean and Distinguished Professor of Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, University of Florida, PMWC 2021 honoree, and PMWC June 28-30, 2022 Silicon Valley Keynote Speaker “At present, pharmacogenetics is among the most actionable elements of precision medicine – we are not doing that great a job when optimizing therapy with taking an empirical approach.”

Although pharmacogenomics’ use is currently still quite limited, new approaches are under investigation in clinical trials, including possible applications in fields such as oncology where PGx harbors the potential of significant impact due to the narrow therapeutic index of many chemotherapeutic drugs and the risk for life-threatening adverse effects. Increasing evidence points to inherited germline genetic variations playing a key role in cancer risk and treatment outcome. PGx helps hold the promise to allow anticipation of the possible differences in drug response, resistance, efficacy, and toxicity of the chemotherapeutic and targeted immune biologic agents.

To foster these important discussions PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley, June 28-30 (400-Speaker Program) has an entire track, Track 3 June 30th, dedicated to translational PGx discovery and implementation, chaired by Philip Empey (University of Pittsburg) and Stuart Scott (Stanford) with the following set of sessions:
• Keynote with Julie Johnson (University of Florida College of Pharmacy) on “The Future of PGx”
• Payment and Policy Landscape for PGx with Sara Rogers (American Society of Pharmacovigilance)
• PGx Research and Discovery with Todd Skaar (Indiana University)
PGx Innovative Industry Solutions with Jeffrey Shaman (Coriell Life Sciences), Akwasi Asabere (Helix), Gillian Bell (Genome Medical), and Cindy Kosinksi (23andMe)
• Key Resources for PGx with Kelly E. Caudle (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital) and Michelle Whirl-Carillo (Stanford University)
• Clinical Laboratory PGx Considerations with Ulrich Broeckel (MCW), Stuart Scott (Stanford University), and Victoria Pratt (Optum Genomics)
• Lessons from Frontline PGx Clinical Services with Mark H. Dunnenberger (Northshore University HealthSystem), Lucas Berenbrok (University of Pittsburg), Sony Tuteja (UPenn), and Burns Blaxall (The Christ Hospital Health Network)
• Translational PGx Implementation Programs with Philip Empey (University of Pittsburg), Julie Johnson (University of Florida), Laura Ramsey, (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital), and Nita A. Limdi (UAB)
• PMWC Showcase with Jose Estabil (Cipherome)

We are very excited to provide a forum for bringing together these leading experts who are advancing pharmacogenomics at scale through cutting edge clinical implementation, research, and education. Do not miss this rare opportunity to hear from thought leaders across academia and industry about the latest in PGx, and be part of the important dialogue shaping its future use and impact.

Register today for PMWC Silicon Valley, June 28-30 to join this important discussion.

We are looking forward to seeing you in-person in Silicon Valley.

Tal Behar
Co-founder & President, PMWC
Precision Medicine World Conference – June 28-30, 2022 Silicon Valley


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