Note from Sean Khozin to Susan D’Elia, Can AI-Powered Medical Imaging Reclassifying Disease Categories? Let’s Discuss at PMWC June 28-30

In recent years, we’ve made significant advances on the technology and algorithm development front, while old incentive structures and legacy organizational behaviors continue to represent the most critical barriers to unlocking the full potential of AI in biomedical research and healthcare delivery. “Adding the outputs of omics pipelines to AI-powered interpretation of medical imaging can […]

Join the Track Chaired by Invitae: Comprehensive Profiling, an Essential Tool in Clinical Practice and Disease Research

The extent of genomic information utilization in medical practice is strongly linked to the advances in genomic technologies and sciences. More specifically, recent progress in genomic/genetic screening technologies has made such application an essential tool in clinical practice and for disease research, especially for cancer genomics. While we also see a rise in their use […]

Join the PMWC 2022 Track 3, June 28 Session Breakdown: Wider Adoption of Precision Medicine and NGS in Oncology at the Santa Clara Convention Center

Precision medicine promises a revolutionary understanding of cancers based on genetic alterations instead of primary tumor location and appearance. As the number of druggable gene aberrations and predictive biomarkers grow in oncology, next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have increasingly been substituted for (or added to) the more conventional techniques (e.g., single-gene testing, routine molecular pathology). Given the decreasing costs […]

Just published: Long-Read Sequencing Unlocks The Final Gaps In The Human Genome

Nearly 20 years after the Human Genome Project sequenced 92% of the human genome, scientists just published the first truly complete genome. The effort involved an unprecedented, grassroots collaboration of scientists around the world who applied novel long-read sequencing technologies to sort through massive, previously unmapped strands of DNA located primarily in the dense centers of […]

Gene and Cell Therapy is at an Inflection Point. Join me June 28-30 at PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

Recent advancements of gene and cell therapy offer a glimpse of what’s to come. Be it previously approved CAR-T therapies (Yescarta, Kymriah, Tescartus), AAV (adeno-associated virus) transgene delivery (Luxtuma, Zolgensma), or investigational gene editing (in vivo EDIT-101, ex vivo CTX001, or allogeneic T cells) and universal donor cell therapies (allogeneic cell products, such as engineered […]

Join Dean Julie Johnson for the PGx Track, June 30 @PMWC -Details Provided

Pharmacogenomic (PGx) relies on scientific breakthroughs in our understanding of how a person’s unique molecular and genetic profile influences susceptibility to and progression of certain diseases and predicts which medical treatments will likely be safe and effective, and which ones will not. Consequently, PGx information in those instances has the power to reduce the likelihood […]

Managing Health and Disease Using Personal Omics Profiling

Interested in catching up with Mike Snyder’s (Stanford Medical University) talk presented last month at the Personalized Medicine World Conference? Access his presentation which discusses in detail the vast amount of molecule measurements collected to help manage the health of an individual. Access powerpoint presentation:


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